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SNOW! Ahhh, the light...

Posted by Emily Lauderback on

There are those sensory experiences that bring us right back: the smell of Grandma's perfume, hearing an old favorite tune come on the radio, and for me, feeling the light reflect off of newly fallen snow.

If you're in Seattle, you know what happens when it snows here. A rare occurrence, so the city shuts down! We are not equipped for snow removal and with the hills, well, it certainly is not safe to be out there driving. As a result, when the snow does come, we snuggle in our cozy homes and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has provided.

On numerous occasions today, I have been struck by how glorious the colors on the interior of my house feel and by the appearance of many homes' exterior color. Without a doubt, the quality of the light reflecting off of the newly fallen snow is a gift from Mother Nature and seems to enhance color relationships. We are granted such a gift in the bleakest, darkest months of the year. Just what our bodies are craving!

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, my childhood was filled with these snow-reflecting days. I recall sitting inside my parents' home, engulfed in the magical energy of the light reflecting off of the ground, the roof tops, the trees. The snow here today brought me right back... Ah, thank you Mother Nature!

Since color is light reflected back to us, the quality of the light reflecting off of the snow has the ability to enhance colors' energy.

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