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Exterior Paint Designs



Considering painting your exterior? It’s never too early to begin planning the color design. This is a large home investment that affects not only you, but your neighbors and the environment too. Please don’t buy paint samples and test them on your house! With the Color in Space Method™, we will save you time and money, ensuring that your home is beautifully resonate with its surrounding.

We have two ways to help with exteriors:

  1. Purchase your exterior paint specifications from the photographs below. We will email you the Benjamin Moore® Paint specifications, so you can create it too! The specifications do not only list the colors used. You will also receive the description of the architectural elements where that paint color is applied. Sometimes we create effects by placing different colors on the fascia board and the soffit or the window trim and sash, for example. That's what makes our designs worth purchasing! You will also receive 8”x 9”swatches of the colors used in the design directly from Benjamin Moore®.
  2. You like our exterior designs for sale, but you know you would like to tweak one a bit to make it perfect for you and your home. Or perhaps, you want our help, but feel that you’re starting from a blank slate. Purchase the Exterior Consultation Package, which includes your favorite exterior design, and you will receive a link to schedule your consultation. The eDesign Consultation will take place via Zoom after one week, to allow you to receive your complimentary color swatches through USPS for the exterior design you purchased.

You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete, when you are scheduling your consultation.




Purchase your exterior paint specifications from the photographs below. We will email you the Benjamin Moore®Paint specifications, so you can create it too!

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