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Do you ever look through all those Instagram, magazine, and catalog shots of homes, and wonder, “Why doesn’t my home look like that?”

Color Courses by Color in Space


Choosing the right paint colors for your home is part of creating a beautiful and harmonious environment, which is why the Color in Space Method™ considers it Step 1. However, Step 2, the application, is also critical to the end result. The Color in Space Color Courses are designed for the reality of painting or having your home painted, so that it looks and feels like you had a professional help you, when all is complete.

Color Courses by Color in Space

Courses are generally on Saturdays and will meet on Zoom during full natural daylight hours. We will focus on interiors and exterior separately. How to effectively build a color palette is only a part of what we’ll cover. You will learn the “rules” that professional contractors use, and when it’s good to break those rules for effect. We will also study architectural terms and spaces, since we are doing architectural color consultation, and the “rules” pertaining to the built-environment.

Color Courses by Color in Space


For those who really love architectural color consultation and feel inspired by what is covered in the Color Basics Courses for the Home, you may choose to continue on to become a Certified Color in Space Consultant™. This is a 5-day training that occurs onsite in the Seattle Area.

Color Courses by Color in Space

Using the Color in Space Method™ means that the colors in our palettes may be used as the roadmap for your entire interior. Don't just think of the swatches as paint! One color could work as your sofa, another as the rug, and another as a dominant color in a piece of art. Don't stop there, use them to guide the tile on the backsplash in your kitchen too! You will then have the confidence that the color you choose from the palette for the paint will certainly flow with the other décor items and architectural finishes you have. The 12 colors complement each other and overall create a very harmonious atmosphere.

Color Courses by Color in Space

We are creating a consistent methodology and national standard for architectural color consultation, which works in harmony with principles of nature, feng shui, and physics. The mission behind the Color in Space Method™ is its deeper intention to work with the energy of color designs to be in resonance with MOMMA Nature’s color design principles, ultimately contributing to healing for Earth at This Time.

In addition to assisting choose and create paint specifications, we are working with the energy of the space to create harmony that resonates with each individual space we serve, similar to the intention of feng shui.


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