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White Vinyl/Clad Windows

White Vinyl/Clad Windows


Painting your exterior and overwhelmed with where to begin? If you have white vinyl windows or aluminum clad white windows, they are always the first thing we take into consideration.  Essentially, that type of very stark white does not play well with others in terms of creating color relationships that sing together.  This type of white provides too stark of contrast with most medium to dark colors that we paint on our exteriors.  To minimize the contrast, we use a darker body color and select a very light neutral color (sometimes a softer more neutral white) to act as a bridge between the body color and the stark white of the windows.  This neutral color gets applied to the window casing or trim that surrounds the white window sashes.  You will see this approach used in mosts of the designs available here.

Select the exterior photograph of your choice. We will email you the Benjamin Moore Paint specifications, so you can create it too! The specifications do not only list the colors used. You will also receive the description of the architectural elements where that color will be applied. Sometimes we create effects by placing different colors on the fascia board and the soffit or the window trim and sash, for example. That’s what makes our designs worth purchasing!

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