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MOMMA's Palettes


Rainbow line

MOMMA Nature has her color designs dialed in. There is a subtle hum amongst the hues, which calls for the expression, "The total is much greater than the sum of the parts." Whether you prefer cooler settings or the warmth of the desert or beach, all of MOMMA's Palettes provide the organic, balanced calm we experience in nature.

MOMMA’S Palettes by Color in Space

Each palette consists of 12 Benjamin Moore® 4" paint swatches. The intentional selection of the 12 colors ensures that they are energetically balanced and will create the feeling of the natural resource for which it is named.

MOMMA’S Palettes by Color in Space

Using the Color in Space Method™ means that the 12 colors in the palette may be used as the roadmap for your entire interior. Don't just think of the swatches as paint! One color could work as your sofa, another as the rug, and another as a dominant color in a piece of art. Don't stop there, use them to guide the tile on the backsplash in your kitchen too! You will then have the confidence that the color you choose from the palette for the paint will certainly flow with the other décor items and architectural finishes you have. The 12 colors complement each other and overall create a very harmonious atmosphere.

Benjamin Moore

MOMMA’s Palettes™ ship within 1-3 days and should be in your mailbox within one week from date of purchase. We are able to email the Benjamin Moore® Paint color names and numbers for rush orders after receiving your purchase. Please email us for rush requests at

Are you a designer looking for an efficient and guaranteed result every time? Love to play around with color yourself? By acquiring all eight palettes, you will receive 96 of Color in Space's most tried and true Benjamin Moore® paint colors at a reduced cost.

Palette Pricing

Return Policy

With over 20 years of proven success in our methodology, our unique color palettes have been intentionally designed using the science of light and metamerism. We stand by our products 100%. If you are not fully satisfied with the way the colors harmonize and balance with each other, please let us know by emailing or calling us at (206) 781-0296. Because the palettes themselves contain proprietary information and are paper consumables, we are not able to accept returns of these products.

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