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Dwelling Palettes


A cabin feels very different from a cottage, which feels very different from a penthouse, which feels very different from a bungalow for that matter.

You get the point.

This series of palettes may feel safest from which to begin your consultation because the type of architectural dwelling also connotes a certain feeling that may or may not resonate with you. The point of this exercise is to find your YES and go there. Pay attention to what feels good in your body and ignore the rest.

Then purchase THAT palette’s consultation. When your payment is received:

  • You will receive a link to schedule your consultation that will take place via Zoom after one week, to allow you to receive your complimentary Dwelling Palette™ through USPS.
  • You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete, when you are scheduling your consultation.
  • You will receive your complimentary color palette in Benjamin Moore® paint colors within one week. You will need that in our consultation that will take place via Zoom. It is helpful if your device is portable, so that you can visually share your space with it.
  • If reviewing the images of the palettes and spaces is overwhelming and you are having a hard time choosing one... fun! Purchase the “Where do I even begin?!” Package, and follow the link to schedule your first consultation that will take place via Zoom.
  • You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete, when you are scheduling your consultation.
  • Your 60 minute consultation via Zoom can be used for a variety of reasons. You get to let us know what will be most helpful. Developing an entire color design/paint plan for all of the communal areas of your home from your Dwelling Palette™ is not an unreasonable expectation.

We invite you to visit our dwellings and choose what feels like yours!


BUNGALOW: Organic & Calm

ESTATE: Elegant & Refined

 CABANA: Cool & Refreshing

HUT: Sunny & Natural 

COTTAGE: Cute & Homey

PENTHOUSE: Polished & Bold

CABIN: Warm & Cozy

VILLA: Rich & Earthy










Color in Space has created eight customized color palettes to make designing your home that much simpler. Each palette consists of 12 Benjamin Moore® Paint colors in 4" swatches and no colors are repeated. The intentional selection of the twelve colors ensures that they are energetically balanced and will create the feeling of the dwelling for which it is named.


Using the Color in Space approach means that the 12 colors in the palette may be used as the roadmap for your entire interior. Don't just think of the swatches as paint! One color could work as your sofa, another as the rug, and another as a dominant color in a piece of art. Don't stop there, use them to guide the tile on the backsplash in your kitchen too! You will then have the confidence that the color you choose from the palette for the paint will certainly flow with the other decor items and architectural finishes you have. The twelve colors complement each other and overall create a very harmonious atmosphere.

The Dwelling Palettes™ ship within 1-3 days and should be in your mailbox within one week from date of purchase.  We are able to email the Benjamin Moore® Paint color names and numbers for rush orders after receiving your purchase.  Please email us for rush requests at



Are you a designer looking for an efficient and guaranteed result every time? Love to play around with color yourself? By acquiring all eight palettes, you will receive 96 of Color in Space's most tried and true Benjamin Moore® paint colors at a reduced cost.

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