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Achieving Color Balance at Gloria's

Posted by Emily Lauderback on

When Emily arrived at Gloria's house, there were a number of colors already working well that Gloria liked. However, there were some colors that were out of balance that Emily detected right away. While Gloria couldn't diagnose the issue herself, she felt something was off. This is what she told Emily on the phone in making the appointment for her color consultation.

The red dining room and rich woodwork created a very deep atmosphere. Yet, the light neutral color on the walls in the living room were too stark of a contrast with it. By bringing the red onto the ceiling in the living room and using a trim paint color to match the original woodwork, the two rooms were suddenly working together in a way that they had not beforehand. To finish the energetic flow, the living room wall color was also then used on the ceiling in the dining room.

From layers of the beautiful faux finish in the upstairs landing that never quite got completed, Emily found a soft color to finish off the space on the ceiling, doors, and hallway walls.

Notice how using the wall color on the ceilings in the two upstairs rooms actually makes the spaces feel bigger. In half-story rooms like these, thinking of the ceiling like the sky makes such good sense. When we are outside, the sky surrounds us: it's not just above our heads. We always use this same principle for painting interior ceilings, especially when there is no molding at the ceiling.

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