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Renovation. Update. New Construction. New Home. Divorce. Lottery Win. Inheritance. Empty Nest. Self-Actualization. Grief. WFH/Quarantine/Shelter in Place. Whatever the circumstances, allow us to help coordinate your paint, finishes, and décor, so your sanctuary supports you and feels good. It's more important now than ever.

eDesign by Color in Space

Grounded in physics and nature, our method simplifies what is divinely complex.

Color is light reflected and absorbed.

Colors' appearances fluctuate and change in response to light, and more importantly, in response to adjacent colors and finishes.

The Color in Space Method™ capitalizes on this natural phenomenon—metamerism—offering a unique eDesign approach that begins with the selection of your color palette. In music, the key determines the rules for how the notes relate to create a song. The selection of your palette establishes the key for the colors of your home.

Color which, like music, is a matter of vibrations, reaches what is most general and therefore most indefinable in nature: its inner power.
Paul Gauguin
Color and Music
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How does it work?

Dwelling Palette Consultations
Momma's Palette Consultations
Chakra Palette Consultations
    • If one calls to you immediately, purchase that palette's consultation, and follow the link to schedule your consultation that will take place via Zoom.
    • You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete, when you are scheduling your consultation.
    • You will receive your complimentary color palette in Benjamin Moore® paint colors within one week. You will need that in our consultation that will take place via Zoom. It is helpful if your device is portable, so that you can visually share your space with it.
Palette Packages
  • If reviewing the images of the palettes and spaces is overwhelming and you are having a hard time choosing one... fun! Purchase the "Where do I even begin?!" Package, and follow the link to schedule your first consultation that will take place via Zoom.
Where do I Even Begin?! Consultation
  • Or choose from one of our other eDesign Packages, where we can continue ongoing consultations for larger projects.
Chakra Palette eDesign Package
Momma's Palette eDesign Package
Dwelling Palette eDesign Package
Following my Heart eDesign Package
Hold My Hand eDesign Package
Exterior Design eDesign Package
  • You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete, when you are scheduling your consultation.
  • eDesign consultations are available for exterior projects too!
Exterior Design Consultations

Color in Space utilizes these customized color palettes to make designing your home that much simpler. This method has proven successful for 20 years and is now being employed by color consultants throughout the United States and Canada. The magic is in how the colors relate to one another—the metamerism—so that they hum and sing.

Each palette consists of 12 coordinated Benjamin Moore® paint colors in useable, isolated 4” swatches. You will receive your palette as a complimentary tool for the consultation. The intentional selection of the 12 colors ensures that they are energetically balanced in the same way we experience color in nature. They harmonize in a subtly natural way to soothe your nervous system and soul.

Here are examples of projects that were created from Dwelling Palette™ Consultations: the Penthouse Palette™ and the Bungalow Palette™.


This condominium in downtown Seattle was completely renovated and the design was entirely created from the guidance of the Penthouse Palette™.

All of the paint colors used in the condominium are from the 12 Benjamin Moore® Paint colors included in the complimentary Penthouse Palette™. This project used five of the 12 colors in the palette for paint.

The other swatches assisted us in selecting all of the new hard finishes: flooring, tile, two different kitchen cabinet finishes, carpet, and countertops.

Bringing the palette with us, when we were acquiring new décor for the living room and bedroom made finishing the project a snap!



This project began with a kitchen and bathroom remodel. With the kitchen update opening it to the adjacent dining room, the importance of a cohesive color palette and design throughout all of the communal spaces of the home was obvious.

With existing vertical grain fir trim throughout the home and new kitchen cabinets to match, already the Bungalow Palette™ emerged as the most resonant roadmap to guide this project. Existing rugs, art, and living room décor confirmed this as the right choice for this home's renovation.

All of the paint colors used in the home are from the 12 Benjamin Moore® Paint colors included in the complimentary Bungalow Palette™. This project used seven of the 12 colors in the palette for paint.

The other swatches assisted us in selecting all of the new hard finishes: bathroom and kitchen tile, and countertops.

With the colorful kitchen backsplash in a handmade subway tile, the palette helped us to balance this feature with new Roman shades in both the kitchen and living room. The swatches easily led us to incredible fabric choices that anchor the two ends of the home and connect the backsplash.

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Nothing has been the same since awakening in 2008. My consciousness and body merged, and I have been learning how to integrate them ever since. My color work was where I was already in embodied practice, so the consciousness that has since opened up and has continued to expand to accompany it has proven to be my calling.

The Color in Space Method™ works in harmony with principles of nature, feng shui, and physics. In addition to specifying paint colors and sheens, we are inherently working with the energy of spaces and structures to create a balanced and supportive environment. Fundamental to feng shui is the common sense understanding that harmony and balance, especially with nature, have healing effects.

In 2008, I became conscious in an embodied way of the importance of this healing work. Not only for each of us as individuals—creatures of the Earth—but for the Earth herself even more importantly. With all of the decimation of the natural world, I feel obligated to create with the most responsible and dedicated intention in resonance with the Earth, as our home. She deserves for our creations to bring her nourishment and support in the same way we benefit from her creations. I have been experiencing the call get louder and louder as the years have gone by. Because of my own fear of sharing my truth and knowing, I have kept this intention behind the curtain. Being now in this time of Planetary Evolution, it is imperative that I acknowledge the dedication of our service.

The deeper intention of the Color in Space Method™ is to work with the energy of color designs to be in resonance with MOMMA Nature's color design principles, ultimately contributing to healing for Earth at This Time.

With Love,

Yin and Yang

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