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Become a Color Consultant


Color in Space™ offers training and education for developing your own professional color consultation practice.  For veteran consultants who are aligned with the Color in Space™ methodology and perspective, we are joining together under this one brand to educate the public on the service that architectural color consultants truly provide. 

For more information on becoming a Color in Space Consultant™, please contact Emily directly at




To create a consistent methodology and standard for architectural color consultation, which works in harmony with principles of nature, 
feng shui, and physics.


Color in Space Consultants™ define what architectural color consultation is for the national market. Clients will learn of the Color in Space methodology: its deeper intention to work with the energy of color designs to be in resonance with Mother Nature’s color design principles, ultimately contributing to healing for Earth at This Time.

This deeper intention will attract clients, who value our skill, knowledge, dedication, and service. They will recognize that in addition to assisting them choose and create paint specifications, we are working with the energy of the space to create harmony that resonates with each individual space we serve, similar to the intention of feng shui.

The architectural application of color is an infusion of energy. We at Color in Space know how to manipulate and balance that energy to better support us. Please join us to learn how!

As a Color in Space Consultant™, you will receive:

  • Direct link from your listing under Color Consultation on to yours. Nationally, has first page presence for “color consultation” search.
  • Benjamin Moore™ Design Kit and fan deck.
  • Color Theory education.
  • A complete set of Dwelling Palettes™ in Benjamin Moore Paint™.
  • A blank Benjamin Moore™ reorder sheet and one with Color in Space’s most tried and true colors to get your design kit working for you to its full potential.
  • List of materials needed for color consultations.
  • Opportunity to shadow and work with Emily Lauderback directly on three real clients’ color consultations.
  • Example of financial agreement and protocol for facilitating Color in Space Consultations.
  • Marketing strategies to get your color consultation business established.
  • Step-by-step procedures for interiors and exteriors to facilitate your own architectural color consultations. 






I was a college graduate with a BS in interior design when I first found out about Color in Space. Working with Emily was truly an eye-opening experience and I’ve learned so much about color and their relationships to architecture, furniture, hard surfaces, and more. 

"After the program, I was empowered and am able to move forward with clients in confidence, sharing the foolproof method that she’s developed. It’s an on-going “pay it forward” process, where her teachings help future consultants provide a fearless approach to color with their customers, who in turn become better with color themselves. Win win win! She’s intuitive, patient, and does a great job of coaching her consultants and clients. Without a doubt I am a better designer/color consultant after spending time with Emily and would recommend her program to anyone interested. She is passionate about her work, and her mission to help others understand how color affects us on so many levels is something that they don’t teach you in college. Color isn’t just about how it looks, and much more about how it feels. Her method takes everything you think you thought you knew about color and design and made it THAT much easier.” 

- Noel Costumbrado 2009

“Flew in from Minneapolis and not really sure what to expect. Woke up on Saturday to real world training, no stone left unturned. Small, intimate group and we talked COLOR nonstop for 5 days! Emily was professional, fun, very thorough. Answered all of our questions and did a good job of explaining things.  She was intent on sharing everything she knows, giving us some great tips on making the process work in all different situations. Kept me very engaged. In addition to learning the color process, visiting clients homes & witnessing real consultations was invaluable (and touring the city at the same time was a plus!). Experienced the good and addressed challenges. The mission of Color in Space is to “create harmony that resonates with each individual space we serve, similar to the intention of feng shui” and as a designer, I feel called to practice a process that values this. I believe that the Color in Space approach to a beautiful palette is clear and easy to understand for the clients, which is why I have always wanted to learn how to do it. Looking forward to applying my color consultation training to an endless amount of design decisions. Left feeling confident that I can take others through this process and achieve great results, just like we did in training. I had such a great time and would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about color/color relationships, design, client relationships, small business practices, etc.” 

- Noel Cramer 2019


"This is a tremendously valuable training. Emily is a true genius when it comes to color. Watching her build an architectural color palette for clients in real time and in real houses feels like nothing short of magic. 

"As a trained educator, Emily knows exactly what methods to use to verbalize what comes to her intuitively, and to help foster a similar intuition in her students. Within two days of finishing the training, I was able to secure two jobs doing interior color consultations. I believe so deeply in the process Emily teaches and the Color in Space Methodology™ which she created, and I’m able to start providing this value to clients immediately. 

"Color is so powerful, and using it effectively can dramatically improve our lives. Emily is helping to spread peace and harmony through this training. I highly recommend it to color enthusiasts, interior designers, or anyone looking to make a meaningful career change."

- Claire Tomm, 2019

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