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Emily was hired to project manage and design a remodel of an existing condominium in downtown Seattle. It is very close to the Convention Center, so it was purchased with the intention of being an investment property: furnished short-term rental through AirBnB or a similar website. The Penthouse Palette was employed to guide all of the color and design choices: flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash and bathroom tile, furniture, bedding, art, rug, accessories, window treatments, and, of course, the paint.  Cool and cosmopolitan in this older building influenced by the Art Deco movement.



Emily was hired to assist Scott & Erika with the remodel of their Ballard home in Seattle, WA.  With their existing furnishings already falling in line with the Bungalow Palette (rugs, sofa and chairs, art), Emily was happy to build upon their tasteful and coherent decor.  Clear vertical grain fir is also intentionally designed to work with the Bungalow Palette, so it was the obvious choice for their color roadmap.  They were investing a hefty sum in their new kitchen, bathroom and better layout, so building upon their existing decor is also the obvious choice for budget and expanding upon their previously made home investments.  In addition to the paint throughout the communal spaces of the home, the Bungalow Palette helped guide textile selections for window treatments in the living room and kitchen, and for tile selection in the bathroom and kitchen backsplash.


Because the new bathroom was designed to look original and period to the home, white 1" unglazed hexagonal tile was used for the floor and white subway tile for the walls and wainscot.  While there is not a white paint color in the Bungalow Palette, holding the different white tile options with the paint swatches indicated which are the right whites to use.  A blue penny round tile was selected for an accent in the bathroom, which was selected from the blue in the Bungalow Palette.

We also added a red to the palette because it was significantly present in their decor (rug and upholstery). This red was carried onto the kitchen backsplash tile and window treatment textiles and in the living room as well. Using red paint on the dining room ceiling to mirror the rug below was made possible by adding a dropped picture rail to the very high ceiling.  We prefer using different paint color on the ceiling from the wall when there is an obvious line of molding separating the two. Otherwise, painting the wall color onto the ceiling feels most natural: like the sky.  The red bar stools were added after the remodel was finished.

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