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Our Paint Sources


For a number of reasons, Color in Space specifies paint colors in two major brands: Benjamin Moore® & C2 Paint.


1. Sustainability: Both brands are available in “green” products. Ask about which paints are low-VOC or no-VOC.

2. Quality: As Color Consultants, we need to recommend paints that will hold up and make our clients happy without fail. While neither of these paints are the least expensive, we find that their reliability proves you get what you pay for. They are also easily accessible in most major cities across the United States and online.

3. Color Choices: Benjamin Moore has the largest color selection available and supports their designers with fabulous tools. After working almost exclusively with this brand of paint for the last 15 years, Emily even has much of their palette imprinted in her brain. Her experience with how the colors play and relate in different light, interior and exterior, gives her the confidence to recommend colors to her clients without reservation. Benjamin Moore also has a fabulous variety of muted and saturated colors. This is what provides such incredible depth and a natural energy to many of Emily’s color designs.

C2 Paint is quickly emerging as one of the most innovative, high quality paints in the marketplace today. Their premium products blend leading-edge technology with finely ground artist-grade pigments to create paint with exceptional vibrancy and coverage. Handcrafted by an alliance of passionate small business owners across the U.S. and Canada‚ C2 Paint is the first paint company to employ a 16–colorant European tinting system rather than the 12–colorant systems known in North America today. C2 Paint’s European colorants are made of finely ground artist–grade pigments that create an unmatchable luminosity and depth. These tiny particles of pigment are suspended in superior paint‚ which results in higher solid content when applied on the wall‚ thereby creating richer‚ deeper colors.



Full Spectrum paints are specially formulated blending the 7 colors in natural sunlight to create infinite color and variation. As a result, they emit an incredible energy that goes far beyond how the color looks. There are limited brands of Full Spectrum Paint available on the market. Benjamin Moore and C2 both have some Full Spectrum colors in their palettes.

Standard paint colors are usually a blend of two or three pigments that include black, which absorbs light. Ellen Kennon's Full Spectrum Paints omit black and have a broader range of pigments that reflect a broader range of light and coordinate more easily with the colors and furnishings around them. They are chameleon-like in their ability to pick up colors from adjacent materials and to change character as the light changes. Also, because of the absence of black and the perfect balance of a full spectrum of pigments, they don't tend to turn muddy or lose their character in low light conditions. Full Spectrum Paints are deep and beautiful and can work together to create the most nurturing atmospheres.

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