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Find a Color in Space Consultant Near You

louisa.cis-colorwheel-1-.jpgColor in Space is the national brand for quality architectural color consultation. 

We are in the process of growing the network of color consultants across the United States and Canada, who experience architectural color as a phenomenon of physics and agree that we are doing much more than creating beautiful spaces.  Working with a Color in Space Consultant ensures that you will be receiving a service that goes much deeper than how things look and will provide balancing and healing energy within your space through architectural color. 

We have standardized the practice so that you are ensured of the value of your investment and what you will receive through a Color in Space Consultation with one of our independent color consultants.

A data base of Color in Space Consultants is in development and on its way to you and your home.  Please contact us at in the meantime, and we will do our best to connect you with someone in the Color in Space network.

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