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louisa.cis-colorwheel-1-.jpgColor in Space™ is the national brand for quality architectural color consultation. 

We are in the process of growing the network of color consultants across the United States and Canada, who experience architectural color as a phenomenon of physics and agree that we are doing much more than creating beautiful spaces.  Working with a Color in Space Consultant™ ensures that you will be receiving a service that goes much deeper than how things look and will provide balancing and healing energy within your space through architectural color and light. 

We have standardized the practice so that you are ensured of the value of your investment and what you will receive through a Color in Space Consultation™ with one of our independent color consultants. Please contact us at to find a Color in Space Consultant™ near you.


emily lauderback design & color consultation, seattle, wa


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"As the founder of Color in Space, Inc., I have developed a consistent methodology for creating impeccable color designs. Color in Space has created the standard for architectural color consultation, which works in harmony with principles of nature, feng shui, and physics. This is a two-step process, where the consultant is working as a facilitator. They guide clients in making decisions, ensuring that the relationships in the design support each other and work together. For most clients, this process is a paradigm shift in how they think about and look at architectural color. I employ this process for both interior and exterior consultations, and it is the foundation for my kitchen and bath design work as well. This ensures that all of the architectural finishes work together and communicate homeowners' visions beautifully.

"I discovered my inherent ability to create incredible spaces through remodeling and building houses of my own.  A labor of love creating homes for my three daughters, I know firsthand the personal investment this process takes.  I have been working as an independent kitchen and bath designer specializing in architectural color consultation since 2003, when my first paying client literally knocked on my front door in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood in Seattle asking for help. My lifelong love of architectural color and spaces inspired me to heed the call, and over the next two years I wrapped up my career as an educational consultant to become a full-time kitchen and bath designer and color consultant. I ask lots of questions to get a feel for what feels like home to YOU. I see my job as helping you to create THAT. I never dictate a style or what you need to do. I hold the vision of your home in mind to keep the project on time, on budget, and able to be executed."

-Emily Lauderback



Noel Cramer Design & Color Consultation, Minneapolis, MN

"Focused on being a part of the creative world in the real world, I entered into college and chose to study interior design in order to fulfill my artistic nature, ultimately receiving a bachelors degree in the field.

"For me, interior design has always been about creating a feeling, having the ability to create a harmonious experience through each space. Interior design is also a facilitative process; it’s not about me, it’s about working within my clients space to showcase their own unique style in a manner that feels best, similar to the intention of feng shui."

- Noel Cramer




Claire Tomm Color Consultations & Design, Madison, WI


 "I'm a Certified Color in Space Consultant™ based in Madison, WI. I believe in the transformative power of color and love helping people increase their quality of life through better color choices.

"I’ve always had a knack for color. In a sense, it’s my superpower. When I meet new people, they pick up on this almost immediately and it’s led me down many paths — I’m a painter, graphic designer, web designer and finally, a color consultant for architectural spaces.

"Color inspires us at every turn. It affects our mood, energy levels and how we perceive the world. It’s my purpose to help others harness the power of color and create spaces that perfectly reflect their personalities, tastes and goals.

"When I'm not doing color consultations, I'm designing websites for a fitness company, being active with my growing family, or cooking and eating spicy food."

-Claire Tomm





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