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Painting the exterior of your home is a significant investment!  We can apply the same basics to do it right.

And consider, the exterior of your home will be most beautiful when it lives in balance with what surrounds it. Use items in the landscape - trees, plants, rocks, flowers - to guide the palette selection. Mother Nature will appreciate your consideration, and we feel it!

Step 1:

Build a palette. Begin with the main house color. Add 2-4 more colors to the palette. We intentionally choose 1-2 lighter neutrals to support the main house color for trim and as many as 2 more accent colors. 


Step-mg-9621-2-3tonemapde-130625.jpg 2:

Observe the home's architecture. Color supports it, not vice versa. The number of colors you can use on the exterior of a house is determined by the amount of detail on the trim carpentry. Color should be applied consistently to each architectural element: e.g. all window and door trim receives the same color paint. Color can be applied to highlight the architecture and craftspersonship, especially on older homes.


Step 3:

Find an easy starting place to make a decision. The main house color is likely already decided. Use what is most intuitive and obvious for your next selection. Often that will be the main trim color for the windows and doors. Build the next easiest decision on top of it. Will the window sashes be a different color? Will the fascia board be the same color as the window and door trim? Keep building with more decisions. What color will be on the front door to create the entrance focal point? Have confidence in your first decisions and why those were made at the time that they were. Trust the process!

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