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emily lauderback design & color consultation

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As the founder of Color in Space, Inc., Emily has developed a methodology for creating impeccable color designs using a physics lens. Color theory is based in the science of light. This is a two-step process, where Emily is working as a facilitator. She guides clients in making decisions, ensuring that the relationships in the design support each other and work together. For many clients, the process Emily uses is a paradigm shift in how they think about and look at color. She employs this process for both interior and exterior consultations, and it is the foundation for her kitchen and bath designs as well. This ensures that all of the architectural finishes work together and communicate homeowners' visions beautifully.

Emily discovered her inherent ability to create incredible spaces through remodeling and building houses of her own.  A labor of love creating homes for her three daughters, Emily knows firsthand the personal investment this process takes.  Emily has been working as an independent designer specializing in architectural color consultation since 2003, when her first paying client literally knocked on her front door in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood in Seattle asking her for help. Emily's lifelong love of architectural color and spaces inspired her to heed the call, and over the next two years she wrapped up her career as an educational consultant to become a full-time designer and color consultant. As the founder of SPACE: A Design Build Collective and Color in Space Inc., Emily maintained a storefront in Seattle from 2005-2010.

With a focus on budget, Emily can assist you with how to make the most of what you have. She also has a strong sustainability value and can suggest "green" products. Additionally, she advocates for keeping elements you already have that work, which can simply be improved. For cosmetic remodels, Emily has extensive experience in project management and can save you money without paying the 20% contractor mark-up.

Emily asks lots of questions and gets a feel for what feels like home to YOU. She sees her job as helping you to create THAT. She never dictates a style or what you need to do. She holds the vision of your home in mind to keep the project on time, on budget, and able to be executed.

Emily specializes in kitchen and bath design, color consultation, window treatments, and project management of cosmetic remodels. While she certainly has a knack for all aspects of interior design, she has found that her talents are best applied to architectural and color design. Working very holistically, Emily only works on a project fee basis. She has learned that clients and projects benefit from this approach for predictability and management. Decisions do not get rushed and everyone feels comfortable with how the process unfolds to get to the end of creating beautiful homes and spaces.

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