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The House that REALLY Got Us Started

Posted by Emily Lauderback on

This new construction Arts & Crafts replica is the project that got Emily's professional design career started. Her second home, she already had a good deal of experience remodeling and creating spaces that reflect the period when her Seattle neighborhood was established. Her process for architecturally designing all of the colors and finishes throughout the home was already intuitively well developed. However, it's been in the decade since then that she has learned how to back up what she does with the science and teach all of you!

As this home shows, the palette began with the kitchen finishes: amazing hand-crafted tiles, stained maple cabinets, countertop, and stained hardwood floors. The paint colors just connected all of these dots!

To bring in an extra punch of color and differentiate the family room space from the kitchen, red accent walls were painted in the great room (behind the photographer's point of view in the photo below), which was then carried through on the window treatments.

In the photo above, all of the colors used for the communal spaces in this home's palette can be seen except for the dark blue used in the dining room. The trim color used throughout is also the main wall color in the kitchen and the great room. The green is used throughout all of the hallways and stairways in this three-story home.

To balance the dark blue in the dining room, the living room wall color was taken as the trim color in the dining room. The main trim color throughout the home took on too much of a yellow quality with the blue in the dining room. The dining room blue was also taken up onto the ceiling in that space to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The beautiful hand-crafted tiles that began the color palette in the kitchen were also used as the fireplace surround. However, to create a more elegant and refined look in the living room, only one color of the tiles was used and a special accent tile was also used in the field.

Trust the Color in Space process...beautiful every time! Designing with color using Mother Nature's Divine Plan of LIGHT!

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