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The Feng Shui of Color

Posted by Emily Lauderback on

A FREE Class

Saturday, November 13th, 2010
1-3 pm
SPACE: A Design Build Collective
7200 Greenwood Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 706-1054

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese system used to balance and enhance environmental energy, has increasingly been accepted as a valid and beneficial solution for improving our lives and destiny. We are delighted that our culture is awakening to what ancient Eastern cultures have known for thousands of years. Harmony and balance, especially with nature, are grounding principles of feng shui.

With the development of the Dwelling Palettes, Color in Space has found that educating our clients about color theory and physics (the science of light), is the foundation of our success. Most individuals have not had the opportunity to enter the paradigm through which we experience and understand color.

Without light, we cannot see color. When we see color, it is light reflected back to us. Color is light, and light is a form of energy with its own frequency and wavelength. That's why thinking of color through a scientific or physics lens is often more helpful. This energy (color) is not static. It fluctuates and changes, reflecting the light conditions at the time and responding to the other colors (energies) surrounding it.

Let's face it, the architectural application of color is an infusion of energy. We at Color in Space know how to manipulate and balance that energy to better support you. Please join us to learn how!

***This is a FREE class and those who attend will receive their choice of one of the eight Dwelling Palettes as a gift. Your Dwelling Palette will be used during the class as the tool for understanding how to manipulate the energy of architectural color.***

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