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Illuminating Color

Posted by Emily Lauderback on

While walking home the other day, I passed by a lace cap hydrangea that danced for my attention. It was a sweet and delicate dance. Illuminating.

I had not been struck by such a quality in the same way before. I was puzzled by it, quite frankly. I had to inspect further to check my perception. The flowers were literally radiant with color.

I noticed how varied the color on each petal was on close inspection. From a distance, what appeared to be a solid color actually had many dimensions of different colors layered below. More muted paint colors and especially Ellen Kennon's Full Spectrum Paint will mimic this natural phenomena. It is something that is definitely experienced more on a feeling plane than on how the color actually looks. In fact, using the blurring and non-focused vision I developed for my mastery of Magic Eye books serves me best to experience the feel of colors' depth. Look beyond.

Mother Nature's divine design of full spectrum color. Try Ellen Kennon's Full Spectrum Paint to achieve the same natural divinity in your home.

I have learned to create this same phenomenon within architectural application of color without full spectrum paint by choosing wall, ceiling, and trim colors that are not very contrasted in terms of the light-dark continuum and that are of all warm or all cool tones.

Currently, the Cabana Palette is the best to create numerous designs for this effect. A bedroom in multiple colors of subtle variation--all in muted, cool tones--creates that natural, sweet, and delicate dance.

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