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The Feng Shui of Color at Rejuvenation in Seattle!

Wednesday, February 16th, 20116:00 pm2910 1st Ave S. (at Forest St.) Seattle, WA 98134Feng shui, the ancient Chinese system used to balance and enhance environmental energy, has increasingly been accepted as a valid and beneficial solution for improving our lives and destiny. We are delighted that our culture is awakening to what ancient Eastern [...]

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Restoring an Exterior: A Lesson in Connecting the Dots

This exterior is in the process of being transformed! With an old house like this, the finish carpentry detail is what gives it so much character and authenticity. Through intentional placement of accent colors and using all of the relationships to accentuate the architectural detail, we bring out the multi-dimensional depth and spirit [...]

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Architectural Color for Spas & Studios

The deeper and energetic benefits of our approach to architectural color are especially of benefit to businesses whose focus is to nurture and support our physical beings. We know how using Mother Nature's approach with color is physically healing.The logo for this business and the curtains were the basis for this spa's interior.Emily suggested installing [...]

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Harriet's Delft Tile Kitchen

We see our role as connecting dots within home design. Therefore, we love jobs when clients have their heart set on something they know they must have. That's our starting place, and we then make sure that everything flows with it.For Harriet, her new kitchen was begun with her old favorite from the Netherlands, Delft [...]

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Dwelling Palettes Sold On-Line…Site Has Not Even Been Live for 2 Days!

Thank you so much, Maj in New York!!! Most importantly are these affirming words:Just spent some time perusing your site. LOVE IT!! Congratulations on getting it up and running. It seems like interesting, innovative, rewarding work. I'm going to order some palettes and I think they will give me the confidence to finish off [...]

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Paint Colors for Seattle Coffee Works

We love doing commercial work! It allows us to bring the spirit of the brand into the environment of the establishment through the use of architectural color. While color is a key component of graphic design and branding, the same color principles definitely don't translate architecturally. Using the brand's main colors as accents and splashes [...]

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The House that REALLY Got Us Started

This new construction Arts & Crafts replica is the project that got Emily's professional design career started. Her second home, she already had a good deal of experience remodeling and creating spaces that reflect the period when her Seattle neighborhood was established. Her process for architecturally designing all of the colors and finishes [...]

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The Cottage Dwelling Palette®

The Cottage Palette® was developed for this cozy home in the Wallingford neighborhood here in Seattle. Notice the flow of colors and how what could be a wall color in one room can become the trim color in another! And here's a secret, although the trim looks "white" in the living room and dining room, [...]

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Kitchen Design Begins with Lots of COLOR Choices...but NOT the Paint!

Emily is available through her business, emily lauderback design & color consultation, for on-site home and commercial design. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are her specialty from space planning to selecting and coordinating all of the architectural finishes. For most renovations, Emily can manage the entire design for much less than the cost of [...]

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Backsplashes Are COLOR Too!

Emily was hired only to assist with the backsplash for this newly remodeled kitchen. The homeowners had selected the white cabinets, brown paint, and butcher block countertops. They were stymied with then what to do with the backsplash, so Emily came to the rescue!One trip to the tile store helped them find the design to [...]

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